Sari Mayor Message for the Arrival of New Year

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March 21 is the first day of Iranian New Year.
Sari Mayor Message for the Arrival of New Year


Oh reformer of hearts and minds

Director of day and night

And transformer of conditions

Change ours to the best in accordance with your will


Spring is the season of hope, a new beginning, and freshness of soul and nature.

In the past year, we all stayed together during the hard days of the Coronavirus pandemic and tried to conquer all the challenges and difficulties. We demand the incomparable God to give all the people of our country health, happiness, peace, and vitality in the New Year.

I greatly appreciate the efforts of my colleagues in various fields of urban management and I am very thankful to healthcare workers and medical teams for all the sacrifices they have made to fight against the Coronavirus.

I congratulate the arrival of Nowruz 1400 to all my fellow citizens and I hope New Year brings all Iranians happiness. 



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