In a meeting,

Sari Mayor promised to make the city disabled-friendly

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Abbas Rajabi: because of the frequent requests of some people with disabilities, some areas of Sari will be adapted to be more accessible for the disabled.
Sari Mayor promised to make the city disabled-friendly



“People with special needs, wheelchair users and people with disabilities are many influential and as equal as other citizens. Their needs and requests for a disabled-friendly city should not be neglected.” Sari Mayor said in a meeting with the representatives of the disabled people who live in Sari.


Rajabi promised that another meeting will be held in the coming week, attended by the representatives of technical deputy, mayors of the three regions of Sari, Head of Cultural and Social Affairs Organization, Head of Freight and Passenger Transportation Organization and the representatives of the disabled of Sari, and the problems, needs and requests of people with disabilities will be discussed. He also assured that urban management will try to solve these problems.


In the continuation of this meeting, the representatives of people with disabilities by appreciating the attention paid by urban management to their requests, delivered their viewpoints and ideas about the adaptation of the city based on their needs.







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