Women’s Park will soon be opened in Sari

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To increase positive emotions and bring about equality for all the citizens, a women-only park has been built in a 10 hectare land in Sari and will be opened to the public soon.
Women’s Park will soon be opened in Sari


A Women-Only Park has been constructed in a 10-hectare land, in the first of Farahabad Boulevard, and is providing women with safe recreational spots and a female-friendly area.


“To bring about Justice and provide equal facilities for all citizens, especially women and girls, the Women Park will be opened to the public soon.” Abbas Rajabi, Sari Mayor, said.


Referring to the importance of improving women’s mental and physical capabilities, Rajabi said: “based on the constructive role of women in the growth of society, we believe increasing positive emotions in women has significant effects on the whole society. Consequently, this park is constructed to provide appropriate opportunities for women to improve their leisure time.”


Some special facilities are provided in this park including an electronic library, greenhouse, restaurant, praying room, emergency station, football, tennis and volleyball field and, cycle track.





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