Shahid Behshti Bazaar

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Shahid Beheshti Bazaar, a permanent bazaar with 173 shops, is located in Keshavarz Boulevard.
Shahid Behshti Bazaar


“Shahid Behshti Bazaar”, which was built in 1984 in a 3000 square-meter area with 173 shops, is one of the permanent bazaars in Sari. It is located in Keshavarz Boulevard, so some of the villages in Dodange and Chahardange region have easy access to it. As a result, some rural women and men, who do not have permanent shops, come to Shahid Beheshti Bazaar to sell their agricultural products at affordable prices. In addition to these products, fruits, vegetables, clothes and kitchen utensils are available there.

It is worth mentioning that Shahid Beheshti Bazar is very convenient and can be reached by public vehicles.



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