Beauties of Autumn in Saadi Street

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People enjoy the beauties of autumn while walking on Saadi Street.
Beauties of Autumn in Saadi Street



Saadi is the name of one of the streets of Sari. Walking in this street to watch the trees “in their autumn beauty” and listen to the sound of falling leaves are the experiences that are confined to this beautiful season. These days, the people of Sari enjoy this great experience.

P.s: Saadi is a prominent Iranian poet and prose writer of the medieval period. His following poem is well-known among Iranian and is considered as the symbol of humanistic behavior.

Humans (children of Adam) are limbs of one body,

And are from the same valuable essence in their creation.

When the conditions of the time hurt one of these parts,

Other parts will be disturbed.

If you are indifferent to the misery of others,

It may not be appropriate to call you a human being.






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