Thursday , Oct 19 , 2017


Parks & Green Spaces Organization


Personal Data:

Naghi Zare

Born in Sari, Mazandaran Province

Telephone: +981133606006 (8)

Fax: +981133606009



  • Bachelor of Production and Flowering of Ornamental Plants



2015 – Present, Head of Parks & Green Spaces Organization, Sari Municipality

2012 – 2015, Head of Management of Fruit & Vegetables Organization, Sari Municipality

2011 – 2012, Executive Deputy of Parks & Green Spaces Organization, Sari Municipality



-To create, maintain, and handle all issues related to parks, green spaces, and recreational equipment.

-To do scientific & agricultural researches related to green space issues and make plan to develop them

-To present basic strategies and to follow up the enforcement of the law of keeping and developing the green spaces in cities and all their related issues.



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