Sunday , Oct 29 , 2017


The Mayor of Region 2

Personal Data:

Seyyed Kamal Aghamiri

Born in Sari, Mazandaran Province

Telephone: +981133323040(5) - +981133516500

Fax: +981133301822



  • Master of Urban Management
  • Bachelor of Law



2017 – Present, Mayor of Region 2

-Head of Civil Organization, Sari Municipality

-Deputy Chairman of Development Committee of the Supreme Council of Provinces and the Secretariat of Metropolitan Cities

-Head of Islamic Council, Mazandaran Province

-Head of Islamic Council, Sari City

-Supreme Expert in Security & Disciplinary Affairs, Mazandaran Province

-Expert in Urban Affairs, Mazandaran Province



-To be responsible for observing the rights of Municipality.

-To be responsible for achieving the rights of citizens.

-To facilitate the cooperation and communication with community.

-To lead a balanced development in the city.


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